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Sean & Abby Random Pics
Just random pictures of us, family, or people we know... basically everything that doesn't fit somewhere else.

Salisbury Zoo - April 2004
Sean trying out his new "super" digital camera at the Salisbury Zoo.
Sean & Jason's Cancun Trip
Sean and his brother in Cancun celebrating Sean's recent graduation.
Motorcycle Photos
The other woman.
Sean Graduation Pictures
Pretty self-explanatory.
Friends & Family Photos
Random pictures from parties, etc. of friends in Salisbury, friends from home, and random family shots.
Abby Graduation Pictures
It actually happened. May 20, 2004.
Costa Rica Pictures - June 2004
Some of the photos from our trip to Costa Rica. Abby's graduation trip!
Brian Jones & Maureen's Wedding - July 2004
Everyone had alot of fun and it was great seeing those two so happy (Even if a bit weird seeing Brian Jones getting hitched).

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