June 01, 2005
So much has happened! Sean proposed on Easter...in an absolutly fantastic way and we close on our first very own house June 6th! Oh, did I mention Sean now works at KPMG as well? It has been a busy year!
June 14, 2004
Back from Costa Rica with lots of photos to show for it. It was HOT and humid, but very cool.
June 28, 2004
Abby started her new job at KPMG. Ooooooo.
July 5, 2004
Abby's big nephew, Ryan Jacob Anthony, was born.
July 21, 2004
It was Sean's 25th birthday. He had birthday signs hidden in his stuff to find during the day and he then went to Outback for dinner where the wait staff (and I) sang to him, and then, finally, he got to open his gift-- which he whined for the whole time. :o)
July 31, 2004
Brian Jones and Maureen's wedding. It was great seeing the Salisbury crew and Brian & Maureen so happy. We tried to take a couple photos.

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Costa Rica Photos
Some of the photos we took from the trip to Costa Rica.

We Are Getting Married!

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Our First House

We bought it, we own it, and man are we in debt...but isn't it perfect?

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The other woman.


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